XS650: Happy New Year 2017/2018


Well, I’ve been incommunicado for a good while …

Photobucket fukt me off with their stand-over tactics … ‘pay me for your (up to now, agreed, free) photo storage or lose all contact to third parties’ …  I cant seem to be able to even copy the photos now

 Naya – my contract with wordpress includes enough storage to directly load the photos there – and I’ve slowly been doing just that, some may have noticed more and more posts have their deco back – it’s a shit job, takes a lot of time, and is the third time I’ve had to do it – thankfully my mate Phil backed-up most of 2011-13 or I would have simply walked. All eggs are now in a single basket. Bad luck if they later decide they want (more) money – perhaps at some time I can set-up a donation function, or start merchandising (patches, t-shirts, caps, stickers, etc …). I’ve been trying to avoid that as I am not commercial and have other shit to do

As you read through, let me know if you find links that dont work or anything I have missed

Anyway, I’ve moved. Small village. Large Garage. Now full. Large garden – yes, I know, it’s hard to believe – but – there is life outside XS

Sitting here listening to Jeff Beck and Friends playing Purple Rain – and thinking, this ‘dauerregen – geht mir auf den sack’ .. kinda like living in Vancouver without the beauty

Enough about me … we live in (very) interesting times, multi-d power chess, just how deep is the swamp? Whose pyramid will rule the dust?

I wish you all well.

Keep your heads low.


guten Rutsch ins neue Jahr

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