XS650: Happy New Year 2014/2015   1 comment

We hope that this past year has been good to you and that the next will be better.

I thank all those who have interested themselves enough to visit my blog, those who have commented and made suggestions and those who have asked questions (hopefully I have been able to point you in a workable direction).

For us, the primary focus for 2014 has been our son, 8 yo, year 3 school, now playing rugby, and training with the junior development squad of our local Bundesliga Soccer Club.

Our son and I have been actively motorcycling together – he is turning into a clever sidecar monkey – maybe we will have him in the sidecross bike in a year or so. We have met many kool people this year.

I bought another XS650 during the year. 77. Low miles. Original. Picked it up, rode it home – detoured 900km through the Netherlands (i love coffee).The missus was not happy. I then blew the motor on the blue rat – scheisse. Am now building a 750 rephased motor to slot into it – i have everything here except for the ignition and time.

The SR500 sidecar motor also needs rebuilding. Have been slowly preparing a 79 motor (has a larger, heavier crankshaft ), longstroke, larger piston and reworked head – basically all i need now is to press the crankshaft together and balance it.

Once these are done my bikes should be relatively reliable for the next  5 years or so – (yeah right!!).

Ride safe. Test your boundaries. And never stop thinking for the cagers.


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One response to “XS650: Happy New Year 2014/2015

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  1. Hi Vernon, I would like to wish you a happy new year and thank you for doing a wonderful job of keeping this blog going and informing the world about the Yamaha XS650. 2015 is only going to get better with many new rebuilt machines hitting the roads and tracks all around to world. With the XS1 coming out in 1970 this makes it 45 years old, a true classic now.

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