XS650: WTF?   2 comments

Can you believe this?

ebay item nr 131068858233 … seller: losser0


This is what he has to say …

very rare Yamaha 69 70 71 xs1 head, this is the one with only three bolts on the triangle valve cover over the left side exhaust valve, not a square cover with four nuts but round with three matching the other three valve covers on the engine, this head is in excellent shape, it has been completely torn down chemically cleaned all tolerances checked, the valve guides are in perfect condition,then the valves were lapped and then cleaned again, reassembled and ready to run, does not come with plug in photo,only used to cc combustion chamber after work was complete…. all, and I mean ALL threads are good and has no broken cooling fins, this is a really really hard to find part, and if your looking for one and you found this one you already know that, only a limited production the first few years so there almost imposible to find, much less one a beautiful as this, make offer option is there, but don’t be a NED! im not accepting 3/4 the asking price, thanks for looking and happy rides.

Very rare? … there were 32,069 officially produced

No broken cooling fins? … well I can see 2

broken cooling fin #1 – top left


broken cooling fin #2 – top right


This is an early one – shown by the oil return dams in front of the intake valves – although one of these has been smashed out.

oil return dam – left intake valve – smahed out


WHERE IS THE COVER? This is useless without the cover – see here

No cam. Or rocker gear.

And all for a $750 bargain.  … hmmm – for who?

What the fuck?

This chart is also listed in the ad …

hmmm – what possible good is this without a cam???????????


Who the hell is this?

??Dont be a NED??

Who’s the fucking NED here?

losser? – or is that loser? – or tosser?

Take a walk through the Hall of Shame.

But wait!! Another head. Same seller. Again no cover.

wow – a ported head, no cover – you are wasting your money buying this without a matching numbers cover … same as the one above


It gets worse. Take a good look. It’s the same head in both pictures. Broken top front cooling fins (left and right). Smashed out left intake valve oil dam.

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2 responses to “XS650: WTF?

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  1. Looks like it doesn’t even come with it’s matching rocker box, must be American they love to separate matching numbered parts to sell them separately for additional profit. What they don’t understand is it makes them worth even less.

  2. In the interest of clarity the attached “chart” belongs to the esteemed Jack who posted porting for extreme power on the XS650 garage in 2004 . I can verify his results as we were doing the same thing separately at the time . . Reproducing those flow numbers takes time , effort , skill , experience and a flow bench . That some nameless waste of time would use the document to pimp his parts on evilbay goes beyond “tosser” and earns this douche a permanent place on the wall of shame .

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