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Got a message from Photobucket telling me my bandwidth is about to be exceeded. Means images that have been linked to can’t be seen until the current subscription-month is finished – new month starts 09 July 2013 – unless I upgrade to a paid pro account.

So I try to buy a months pro subscription as per Photobucket instructions. No deal! Paypal sent me back to Photobucket saying they can’t process Photobucket stuff and I should choose another option. I get this message for all pro options.

This is not a problem with my paypal account as I have used it for other stuff since.

I have transferred many of the pictures from the most popular posts to another image storage provider and reinserted them into their original posts – what a ####ing job!! But there are simply too many.

Not sure what else I can do. The bandwidth will probably be exceeded today or tomorrow. Photobucket payment system is shit – so is their new service. Great fucking business model – well done guys!!

In the short term I guess I will have to accept unseeable images. I have now set my Photobucket account to private in an attempt to slow down the bandwidth use. In the longer term I will continue to transfer the posted images to another storage provider.

Sorry about that folks.

Posted June 29, 2013 by xscafe in General

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