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Found this while rooting around in a pile of old mags.

ask Rod!


72 ad


72 ad




… contest …


… write-up …


… just hanging around …


In 74 Yamaha reignited an old flame. Toyota. The new Yamahauler.


74 Toyota


something a little special


in the book of wisdom






79 Toyota








Tundra 2003




Toyota and Yamaha.Hauling watercraft, snowmobiles, motorcycles and ATVs. As much fun as riding them — the Tundra Double Cab Toyota/Yamaha Concept Truck. 

  • Team Yamaha Blue/White paint.
  • Toyota/Yamaha Concept Truck logo. 
  • One-of-a-kind bumper guard, grille with skid plate. Tough. Stylish.
  • Donahoe Racing’s performance suspension. +2″. Off-road coil-over front shocks.
  • Bead-lock wheels from Walker Evans and Goodyear Wrangler MT/R 285/70R17 tyres. 
  • Non-slip bed – sprayed with LINE-X coating for protection and additional grip. 
  • Universal Engineering bed rack keeps motorcycles snug during transport.
  • A Toyota Racing Development, Inc. (TRD) supercharger helps haul the load. Up to seven pounds of boost. Maximum horsepower jumps from 240 to 353. Torque from 315 lb.-ft. to 359 lb.-ft, both at 5200 rpm.
  • TRD’s dual side exhaust provides improved breathing performance.
  • Custom designed leather seat covers and door panels from Bartlett Corporation in blue, black, and silver with the Yamaha logo.
  • DVD player and Nintendo GameCubein the back. Headrest screens provided
    by MECIS Wireless.
  • Rugged CoCo floor mats.


So … No … I don’t know

Where is it?

What happened to it?

What I do know though

This is not it.

.. Aftermath of crashing into the Kern River Gorge, California, Nov 10, 1974 (front shot) ..


looks like it hurt a little


Just some of the discrepencies.

  • Paint is wrong.
  • So are the graphics.
  • Where is the sunroof?
  • Extra side windows.
  • No roof vent.
  • Grille and front bumper don’t fit either.

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