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Found this while rooting around in a pile of old mags.


1 .. Questionin HotRod

ask Rod!



5 .. contest




6 .. contest




4 .. Yamahauler

… write-up …



yamahauler dodge

yamahauler dodge



In 74 Yamaha reignited an old flame. Toyota. The new Yamahauler.




8 .. 74 Toyota

74 Toyota




1974 yamahauler

1974 yamahauler




1974 yamahauler

1974 yamahauler



1975 yamahauler

1975  Simoniz Yamahauler



12 .. 75




1975 Yamahauler

just hangin around



13 .. 79 Toyata Yamahauler

79 Toyata Yamahauler



14 .. 79















Toyota and Yamaha.Hauling watercraft, snowmobiles, motorcycles and ATVs. As much fun as riding them — the Tundra Double Cab Toyota/Yamaha Concept Truck. 

  • Team Yamaha Blue/White paint.
  • Toyota/Yamaha Concept Truck logo. 
  • One-of-a-kind bumper guard, grille with skid plate. Tough. Stylish.
  • Donahoe Racing’s performance suspension. +2″. Off-road coil-over front shocks.
  • Bead-lock wheels from Walker Evans and Goodyear Wrangler MT/R 285/70R17 tyres. 
  • Non-slip bed – sprayed with LINE-X coating for protection and additional grip. 
  • Universal Engineering bed rack keeps motorcycles snug during transport.
  • A Toyota Racing Development, Inc. (TRD) supercharger helps haul the load. Up to seven pounds of boost. Maximum horsepower jumps from 240 to 353. Torque from 315 lb.-ft. to 359 lb.-ft, both at 5200 rpm.
  • TRD’s dual side exhaust provides improved breathing performance.
  • Custom designed leather seat covers and door panels from Bartlett Corporation in blue, black, and silver with the Yamaha logo.
  • DVD player and Nintendo GameCubein the back. Headrest screens provided
    by MECIS Wireless.
  • Rugged CoCo floor mats.



18 .. Yamahauler



So … No … I don’t know

Where is it?

What happened to it?

What I do know though

This is not it.


19 .. aftermath crash

.. Aftermath of crashing into the Kern River Gorge, California, Nov 10, 1974 …



20 .. looks like it hurt

looks like it hurt a little


Just some of the discrepencies.

  • Paint is wrong.
  • So are the graphics.
  • Where is the sunroof?
  • Extra side windows.
  • No roof vent.
  • Grille and front bumper don’t fit either.



Yamahauler EU

Yamahauler EU



japanese yamahauler

japanese yamahauler?



go yamahauler ... emissions?

go yamahauler … emissions?

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