XS650: Any takers?   10 comments

After being dicked over by wordpress I have lost interest. Can’t be bothered anymore. Not prepared to put the effort in to transferring and editing to another provider and am not interested in wordpress anymore.

Anyone want to take over?


2.5 kg Vegemite .. mmm

2.5 kg Vegemite .. mmm


Update … me mate Phil stirred his ‘hexen kessel’ … pushed me in this direction … see what happens … enjoy


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10 responses to “XS650: Any takers?

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  1. Hey, I understand how frustrating things can be. I’m really sorry to hear you’re thinking of giving up on this site. That would be tragic. It’s such a valuable resource for XS650 enthusiasts. Finding decent info on the internet is like panning for gold. You have to go through so much crap before you find anything useful. Believe me your site is internet gold.

    I don’t own an XS650, but I’ve found the info here so fascinating that I have spent untold hours exploring various items. Naturally, I bookmarked it months ago as a resource for when I do get an XS650. It’s especially good to find a well organized site with useful information, instead of a load of verbal diarrhea from some egomaniac.

    Thanks for all your hard work. I sincerely hope some dedicated reader will pickup the baton to keep this site alive. Safe Travels, Doug

    • wordpress have simply pissed on me – has taken all the fun out of it … if they are prepared to do this to people that create advertising potential for them it makes you wonder what they do to the advertisers themselves

  2. Vernon, your blog has become an important source of information that appears nowhere else online. It would be a genuine tragedy if it were to cease.
    Terry Gliddon
    Yamaha XS650 Club of Australia

    • Terry, thanxs for your thumbs-up, however wordpress seem intent on biting the hand that feeds them … a shite game that leaves me cold

      • Hi Vernon, I look at your blog every morning, it would be a real loss to see it disappear, sure it is hard work to keep going but I think you should. Please don’t let it collapse, there must be some way to keep it going. Please keep up the great work you do,
        Daryl Hutcheon
        Yamaha XS650 Club Of Australia
        Professional Motorcycle Tuning
        Home of the Rephase Pin.

        Daryl Hutcheon
      • thanxs also for your words Daryl … it’s all about motivation and trust … after being shat on by a platform provider that quite obviously has no handle on customer service or support, motivation and trust are in short supply

  3. Hey XSCafe,
    I cant do much for the trust issues but perhaps i can help with the motivation… I’ve had my XS now for 2+ years and you have already helped me with posts i have made on other forums. (customxs650.com – a UK based site) This blog is invaluable to all XS60 enthusiasts as a resource and i too have spent many hours trawling the blog trying to soak up as much info as possible. It would be a real shame to loose the site so I would like to offer my services to resize or edit the images and to help you maintain the site. any good to you??

    • mate, i have no idea what is going to happen to the site … my mate just dropped me in a 2.5 kg bucket of aussie vegemite this evening – i’m more motivated in picking up a fresh loaf of walnut bread in the morning and lashing into it … thanxs all the same

  4. Hi Vernon
    Well done ……1st of April…..I think you you got a few………….

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