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Today – 12.12.12 – a 1:100 year experience. The last numerically symmetrical date until 01.01.2101. 89 years away. Around 2 generations in my family.

Here in Germany it’s rather busy. A heavy day for marriage celebrants. Churches have had this day booked out for years.

Optimistic. Considering some alarmist interpretations of the Mayan calendar.

From my understanding the Mayans expected to celebrate the successful completion of 13 b’ak’tuns (ca 5125 years) on 21.12.2012 with many interpretations anticipating the world entering a more intuitive shamanic age.

Another Y2K (non) event? Who knows. In my dreams I see the future. Loud and clear. Not all I see is pleasant, true. But none portents the end of the world physically or spiritually.

Today I tuned the XS. Later I will take my son to football, hug the wife and plan what to construct with all the parts I have lying around. Looking forward!

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