XS650: Real Men   2 comments


Real Men

Real Men


Took a while to track down the source. Boetz Ink.

Posted October 9, 2012 by xscafe in Motor - Kick start

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2 responses to “XS650: Real Men

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  1. Very good sentiment.

    The electric foot (electric starter) sadly added much complexity to motorcycles with it’s power and wire requirements and also extra weight penalty. Then more safety systems, such as requirement for clutch pull in to start, or starter cut out if the engine is not in neutral gear position, further added to the complexity.

    Comparison of the XS1 wire diagram and XS650SK wire diagram illustrate the starter added complexity very well along with the other additional complexities of solid state ignition, turn signals, side stand cut out, headlamp/brake lamp check and reserve system.

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