XS650: 650 Central 145mm Long Rod Kit   Leave a comment

650 Central also have a 145mm long rod kit.  JCEN11-1000. Not yet listed either.

$800 for rods and pistons. In stock.

Will later be offering a kit with sleeves or fitted to a ‘big-fin’ cylinder.


LR1 .. Wossner pistons for long rod kit

Wossner pistons for long rod kit



LR2 .. Wossner piston

Wossner piston



LR3 .. Wossner piston

Wossner piston



LR4 .. long rod kit

long rod kit


Mike “Mercury” Morse writes further …

Piston/ ring/wrist pin package is 11 grams lighter than a stock 650. They are sized at 79.99mm, to allow for potential honing of existing cylinders. Reduced headland for more power and better emissions, allowed by a truly complimentary squish band. (A true 10.5:1 is achieved)( to be verified). Modern ring package has 1mm top and 1.2mm 2nd ring, with a 2mm 3 piece oil ring. Connecting rod is 145mm c-c, achieving a 1.96:1 rod/stroke ratio, moving the torque peak up in the power band, smoothing the short rod’s explosive midrange, increasing traction and peak power. Small end is bushed with premium C630 aluminum bronze and has 10% more area. Big end bearing has 3.5mm rollers for less skating at high speed.

650 Central … Mike “Mercury” Morse …

“To race is to live—all the rest is just waiting”

Note: … 3 standard types of XS650 motors

  • 256 … 136mm rods … XS1-TX650
  • 447 … 130mm rods … TX650A on non-european models
  • 533 … 140mm rods … XS650B on european models


LR5 .. 256 – 447 – 533 rods … from skull

256 – 447 – 533 rods … from skull

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