XS650: XS1B Postcard   1 comment

Kool postcard from way back.

XS1B Postcard

flummerfelts … open day … wonder if they still exist – couldnt find a listing

It’s a better machine


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  1. Flummerfelts in Auburn, NY is long gone. They were an Indian & Harley Davidson dealer years ago. They handled Yamaha’s in the ’70’s. I bought (& still have) a ’77 XS750-2D I bought new for $2,100.

    I picked up another ’80 XS650 Special a few weeks ago for $500 that was purchased new from Flummerfelts on April 11, 1980 by a gentleman named Donald Vince for $2,568 (I’ve got the original receipt). I’m the third owner with about 20,000 miles on the odo. Still runs well despite its age & outside storage. Maintained fairly well. Needs carbs cleaned & a good cleanup. Steering head bearings are shot & will be replaced. Got rid of the 20# luggage rack, buckhorn handle bars.
    Installed a ’75 XS650 gas tank & cafe bars I had laying around. More to come.

    John Flummerfelt is still around & works at a Yamaha shop near Wakins Glen, NY.

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