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Easter Saturday we visited the Ronneburg Easter Market. Medieval style role-play. An old castle. Between Hanau and Gelnhausen. Celebrating the loss of my son’s first tooth.


A great day out. Was coldish. And Rainish. The usual throng was missing. Most people stayed away. At least until we were leaving. And YES I did shower beforehand.


these 2 were taking the piss out of my son - I was amused that they didnt realise he had noticed and was doing the same to them

sword training

our trophy - used to pierce or dent armour and restrict a knights movement ... nice polynesian wood drum on the floor - no rugby league game should be without some of these beating the rhythm

the business end

End of April. Walpurgis Night. We will take some of our Japanese friends to the Freienfelser Ritterspiele. The largest Medieval Games in Germany.

Freienfelser Ritterspiele


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