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Found this publication while rummaging around in my boxes of shit. I love these boxes. You never really know just what you will find. Auctions and fleamarkets rule!


Parts Failure ID Guide



PF1 .. parts failure id guide

parts failure id guide




PF2 .. table of content

table of content



Parts Failure ID Guide


  • ”Includes explanations and possible reasons for failure…
  • These failures are not necessarily the only conditions that could cause the failure…
  • Make sure to consider all factors concerning the operation and maintenance of the machine when analysing failures…
  • Most of the shown failures are secondary…
  • Some other problem may have caused them…
  • Be sure to find the original problem area during diagnosis…
  • Not all causes are identified here”

If following the above link, look for the 7 sub-albums to the right.

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