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Over the years I’ve enjoyed many a dalliance with Finnish flowers. Today I use a Nokia. Enjoy regular saunas. Listen to Apocalyptica ( heavy metal cello) and Finntroll (folkmetal). A beautiful country. In all seasons.

Exxo, Finland ... 'Beacher'

Exxo Metzola (and mate Joakim) from Turku. Finland. Entered his XS650 “Beacher” in Sweden’s Norrtälje Custombike Show 2011. Took out 3rd Chopper. Building almost everything themselves. Including the Egli-style tank-in frame. Sweet!!

“And yes, it is rideable ;-)”

... and friend

Joakim at Norrtälja 2009.

a Joakim Liewendahl special ... 'Soul of Pagan' Forssa Bike Expo 2009, Finland .. 2nd Trike

  • “.. started almost 3 years ago – “Soul of Pagan”- The name describes Finnish native themes and Kalevala – the National Epic. The idea came from a t-shirt I saw at Helsinki International Airport.…
  • Received 2nd prize. Trike. Norrtälje Custom Bike Show 2009, Sweden, which is my favourite show.
  • The trike has an Ultima 113″ motor + 5-speed tranny with suicide/jockey.
  • It has a Weber IDF downdraft carb, which still needs some jetting/adjustment, but it rocks 🙂
  • Don´t ask me how this bike handles and how it rides – it´s like rodeo! But fun.
  • … took almost 3 years to build this trike. Everything except the motor, carb, tranny and belt drive is made by me.
  • Handlebars are “Deerhangers” – my own design.”

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