XS650: Diggers   Leave a comment

Diggers. Straightline highway racing. On-ramp to Off-ramp. Acceleration rulz!

Low. Light. Long.

Sissy bars and pillion seats? Undesireable.

Tall forks and apehangers? More comfortable to simply wash your armpits.

Drag style. Wedge.

Fell for these, late 70’s.

John Reed aka ‘Uncle Bunt’ … XS650 digger Blue Manx … ‘Yamanx’ .. ’79

Sprung frame by Peter Malowanay. Engraving by JR.

nice engraving … also wheel rims and rear brake plate

… text from SuperBike, Nov 79

If anyone knows what happened to the Blue Manx, a former owner is looking for her.

These from Cad-Bikes. Mark ‘Duckman’ van der Kwaak. dbbp. Cool site.

cadbikes xs650 based digger

xs650 digger


if it was only real

nice hardtail digger, kawasaki 1100 .. momo … not so sure about the front frame mods

Icon 1000 – low down & shifty



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