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1 .. XS Storm ... conceived as a quick makeover for late model 650 Specials

XS Storm … conceived as a quick makeover for late model 650 Specials



Phil Little. Racer turned Glasser. Omar’s Dirt Track Racing. Sold-on, 2008.

“ … street trackers were largely personal and scratch built projects up until 1988. Bill Birchenal mentioned that in addition to making dirt track tails for 650 Yamahas I should make full conversion kits … and it was the success of Omar’s Dirt Track Racing … around 1988 was the nexis for street tracker  popularity … at that point they were easier to build. The kit approach to street trackers includes Sportsters. Storz was the first to do this and I came along, a johnny-come-lately with my cheaper and easy-build SXR street tracker …” Phil Little Racing.com.



2 .. Yamaha 650 Street Tracker

Yamaha 650 Street Tracker


This is the very bike that started the world wide street tracker trend. A complete ground-up makeover including stock engine rebuild. The engine is stock. OmarsDTR.com.



3 .. Norton Manx conversion ... Yamaha 650

Norton Manx conversion … Yamaha 650


“I built this bike and developed a complete conversion kit (under Omar’s Dirt track racing name) to transform a Yamaha 650 into a Norton Manx look-alike. A simple conversion, completed without removing the engine from the frame or repainting the frame. Best using a standard model with wire wheels. 1974 to 1979”.         Omar’s DTR .

As Phil Little Racing he wants to market a ‘Sport’ kit. A la Craig Vetter and Tracy Nelson.



4 .. XS Storm .. Vetter, X75 Hurricane ... Tracy Fiberglas Works

XS Storm .. Vetter, X75 Hurricane … Tracy Fiberglas Works


Neither street tracker nor café. “Sport Custom”- Craig Vetter, X75 Hurricane! Tracy Nelson, Fiberglas Works. 70s.

Relegated to Storm,  “conceived as a quick makeover for late model 650 Specials. Cast or wire wheel model. For an X75 replica, select a 650 Special with chrome trim. Black themed bikes suit later Heritages. I want a X75 replica, 19″ front, 18” rear wire wheels from a Standard on my show case bike. Of course means a swing arm and brake parts conversion.

  •   Body parts will be offered in coloured gelcoat – no painting.  Orange, Yellow or White (for repainting)

X650 Storm conversion kit for Yamaha 650 Twins.“Now the entire idea here is to offer you a cheap body kit that looks terrific and is easy to install. I think the kit will sell for under $900 but I can’t be sure yet. I know I will be able to make tanks for less than ever before because I have found a new anti-ethanol resin from a secret supplier (don’t ask, I won’t tell). This will eliminate the expensive interior tank coating process which I have done for the last seven years.

The tail design uses the stock rear fender and taillight. This saves too because I don’t have to include a taillight into the design or price. Another thing that will save you a ton of money is the fact that I will make the body parts in orange and yellow gelcoat. You won’t have to spend $400 bucks on a paint job. I will make the body parts in white for those of you who want to do a custom paint job. I will have a graphics kit which give a professional, finished look to your conversion.

You should be able to install the entire body on a Saturday. You pull off the stock tank, seat and sissy bar. You’ll be cutting off some seat rail tabs but the rear loop stays. Once you’ve sprayed your cuts in black you just slap the body on and hook up the fuel lines. I’ll supply the petcocks and gas cap. By Sunday you should be riding”.



5 .. no seat ... no rear guard

no seat … no rear guard



6 .. the real mccoy ... recently on english ebay ... around 500 quid ... NOS BBB X75

the real mccoy … recently on english ebay … around 500 quid … NOS BBB X75


3 responses to “XS650: XS-Sport…Phil Little

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  1. Funny, when I see Old Yeller (yellow Yamaha XS650 Street Tracker) up above it makes me wish I had more variations on my version. Too much of a copy cat, I am, me thinks.

    • Brian, ‘copy cat’ is a bit hard. Phil Little is not working from original ideas – for any of the above kits. Tracy Nelson also took Craig Vetters idea and modified it to his own purposes. Personally I call what we do ‘projects’ and these never end, they evolve as our tastes change. I know someone who spent 6 years reengineering his XS650 into a sweet little cafe racer. One weekend, before he even got it on the road, he cut it up and built a hardtail. ‘Change’ is a real concept, so long as youre not a politician.

  2. Funny how bike designs come around full circle. I remember my dads Harley Sprint 350 we used to rip up the dirt on haha

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