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Thought this was pretty cool.

XS650 ... silkscreened on cigar box ... Gary Musgrave ... This box has my XS650 and is about saying “So long” to some old hat.

By Gary Musgrave. He wrote …

You Know How Many Cigars I Had to Smoke?

June 21st, 2011 § 0

This post should have went up 6 months ago! Okay, because I have tons of family, I never have any money, and I’m really really talented, I like to make presents for everyone at Christmas. Over the course of a month or two I would stop by the local cigar shop collecting cigar boxes for a dollar a pop. I was able two narrow the types of boxes down to two sizes. One size box would have been better but you work with what you get. I sanded the box lids down removing the finish and the debossed logos. I primed the exposed wood with some white water-based Kilz paint and let it dry. After taking a few measurements, I built a jig to modify my screen printing setup to allow we to print on items much thicker than paper. With the help of my friend Kelsey Short, we worked through the night printing on all the cigar boxes. After they dried, I felt that the overall color was a little too cold and bright so finished them with off with a wash of yellow. I still have a few left, if I get some requests for more I’ll make them available on the site.

This box has my XS650 and is about saying “So long” to some old hat.

Some pretty neat artwork on the site. Here.


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