XS650: Rene’s Dry Clutch   Leave a comment

Rene is a keen Grab the Flag racer. SR500. Winter 2009/10 he began working a 76 XS650 over. 750cc, head, cam, exhaust.

Rene's 76 XS ...145kg dry ... end of 2010, ready for 2011 race season preparation

Rene's SR500 dry clutch, version II, classic cover

His SR500s responded well, over the past 2 years, to his dry clutch. So, he figured, would the XS. Complemented by a high ratio primary gear couple.

cutting the case

seal holder ... from lathe

clutch box welded up

and welded into case ... adapter and ducati dry clutch fitted

and ready to go


Posted January 5, 2012 by xscafe in Frame - Design, Motor - Clutch

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