XS650: Happy New Year … 2012   Leave a comment

Another year sucks a kumara. 2011 has come and gone. And the Mayans reckon the Northern Winter Solstice, Dec 21 2012 will herald the end of an age. Personally I say ‘Bring it on’. The power broking in today’s world leaves me cold.

None-the-less I look forward to the coming year. My 5 yo will go to school end of summer. My project is to build a sidecar outfit for the 650. School transport. Am currently looking for a suitable body.

As far as the bike is concerned this year’s main achievement has been a hydraulic clutch. There have been other minor highs and no major lows. Am also looking at having a rear wheel modified for rubber dampers, something Yamaha should really have done themselves. Should be ready for Easter. Add a front drum brake and new tyres. French Alps here I come.

Have been pretty surprised with this blog. Been active for a year now. Had over 55,500 visits. I thank all readers, regular and ocassional visitors alike, for your comments and feedback.

Wishing you all a ‘Guten Rutsch ins Neues Jahr’, ‘Happy New Year’. May good karma and twisty roads feature heavily.

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