XS650: Buying Heads or How to Throw Away Your Cash   Leave a comment

Our beloved XS650s have become pretty popular these last few years. They look good. Sound great. Ride well. Classics.

This has driven prices up. And created a market hungry for parts. A market of often inexperienced buyers. Unfamiliar with these machines. Unfamiliar with their idiosyncracies.

Slowly, backyard and enthusiast businesses are beginning to cater for this market. See for example, the Australian XS650 Club here, and JBM Industries. One of the main reasons I started this blog was to promote such endeavours. I have personal experience using most of what you find written about here. The other reason was to provide options to those useless crap new parts as sold by the supplier whose name rarely passes my lips.

Ebay has also provided a ready venue for bike dismantlers (often these bikes are worth a lot more as used parts than as complete machines). Many of these online sellers are straight-up. Others NOT.

One of my pet hates are assholes that sell Heads and Rocker Covers as separate items. If you buy these you are literally wasting your cash. You would do better going downtown and buying some homeless person a meal. Karma rules!

You need to be aware that Heads and Rocker Covers were machined by Yamaha as a matching pair. And stamped with matching numbers.

matching numbers…6198…found behind the oil feed pipe

mismatched cam bearing mount

mismatched numbers… J1954/9450

surfaces dont match

valve inspection port misalignment

single head … €85 wasted … and no cam

single rocker cover … $72.99 thrown down the toilet … at least it has the rockers and inspection covers

These sellers know very well that these should be sold as matching sets. How do I know? I have made it a point to let them know. Does it make a difference? Obviously not!

The current Ebay Hall of Shame:

Took me 5 minutes to find these ………

  • thebikebarn … head only, valves and springs, no cam … £60 wasted
  • Impala66k … cover only, no rockers etc … $72.99 blown
  • Impala66k … head only, valves, springs, no cam … $149.99 down the toilet
  • wilto54 … head only, no cam … $125 you may as well have given to a thieving banker
  • independent-cycle … cover only, rockers … C$44.95 don’t you need snow boots?
  • elkhntr6x6 … head only, no cam … $99.95 you should have given to the homeless
  • juan.fernandez … head only, valves, springs, no cam … $99.95 throw a party instead
  • motorcyclesalvation … cover only, no rockers etc … $25.49 you should have spent on new oil
  • bigfootedalien … XS2 cover only, rockers etc … $100 ??wtf??
  • bigfootedalien … cover only, rockers … $57 your ex could have done with
  • bigfootedalien … head only, springs, valves, no cam … $95 do you need a tyre?
  • thecyclebarn1 … head only, no cam … $79.99 worth of BC Buds you missed out on
  • thecyclebarn1 … cover only … $49.99 you paid for scrap metal
  • yourtrashmytreasure … head only, springs, valves, no cam … $195.99 better spent at a brothel
  • yourtrashmytreasure … cover only, rockers … $79.99 worth of condom insurance

Be aware that Engine Cases are likewise machined as a pair. And also stamped.

matching case numbers … 3062 … found behind the clutch pack

look here … 9426

Photos from Terry, Australian XS650 Club.


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