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For those of you who have asked for the Bulletins relating to the TX750 twin. Or as a pdf –  TX750 Service-Parts News.

Parts list.

Intersting thread at ADVRider


73 TX750

73 TX750


I like these bikes. Had a chequered history. Responsible for the first major motorcycle recall in Europe. Unfortunately motorcycle specific oils weren’t then available. Yamaha simply got too far ahead of itself. Later TX750’s had enlarged sumps, adjustable balancer chains, oil coolers, different gaskets, modified chain adjusters and many other smaller modifications.

These were ground-breakers:

  • Omni-Phase balancer system.
  • Positive Crankcase Ventilation system with fumes  re-directed to the airfilter box.
  • Lead-free petrol compatible valve seats.
  • Twin rear lights.
  • Light-alloy wheel rims.
  • Twin front disc brake.

2 were made over by Porsche. For the 73 racing season. Ran twice. Bol d’Or 24, Le Mans. Thruxton 500, UK. Neither completed the Bol d’Or. Apparently the Porsche engines vibrated worse than the wifes stand-by. Yamaha prepared engines were quickly mounted. One was dropped in the rain. Cam chain sucked a kumara on the other. Compression and race-cam valve lift.  6th at Thruxton.


Tech Info Memo 20 Jul 1973

Tech Info Memo 20 Jul 1973

Tech Info Memo 20 Jul 1973

Tech Info Memo 20 Jul 1973


  • 300 – Headstock Gusset wiring hole enlargement
  • 302 – Misc. Service Instructions…oil leak, starter chain and sprocket, cam timing, engine lube, crankshaft and conrod inserts, crank oil clearance
  • 304 – Oil tank level
  • 305 – Pump shaft cover seal
  • 353 – tool kit
  • 309 – Oil leak; cam carrier base
  • 313 – loose clutch spring screws
  • 321 – RH footrest/brake pedal installation
  • 327 – Primary Gear noise – backlash
  • 332 – balancer chain noise
  • 334 – upper case blind plug
  • 335 – cam chain tensioner noise
  • 336 – starter clutch noise
  • 337 – irregular clutch engagement
  • 338 – Oil leak: ign points area
  • 345 – Oil leak: lower crankcase studs
  • 346 – crankshaft and rod journal size code location change
  • 365 – parts list addition
  • 370 – replacement crankcase assemblies
  • 381 – valve and valve spring lock design change
  • 390 – crankcase balancer design change
  • 392 – alternator rotor parts list corrections
  • 397 – crankshaft design change
  • 409A – crankcase kit:  noise and oil leak reduction, balancer design change, misc installation instructions

1974: M4….

  • 005 – rear brake cam washer
  • 013 – primary drive – backlash
  • 028 – conrod insert size selection
  • 030 – setup checklist
  • 065 – conrod change

1975: M5…

  • 010 – governer assembly springs



kool model


Intersting thread at ADVRider

TX750 Service-Parts News.

Parts list.

TX750 ad


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  1. with the balance chain long gone into obscurity is there a comon replacement as there is for the well known TX 500 balance , starter and cam chains ?

  2. I’m not sure … I do know that some people remove the balancer completely and make do with a little more vibration. Many report no noticeable increase.There is a bloke in Australia that did a 270° crank rephase and added carrillo rods and custom pistons in an attempt to negate what vibration he had.
    There are some TX750 user sites out there that may be able to help:

    Original TX Balancer chain, Tsubaki; had 54 links, 3/8″ (9.525mm), Roller dia 6.3mm,
    Pin dia 3.5mm, Link inside width 5.00mm , the links had a straight form.
    Chain sprocket on the Balancerweight/Crank @ 4.5mm (chain sideplay~ 0.5mm)

    http://www.iwis.de/en/home/ in München produce a chain that TX users here in Germany use, it is not exactly the same but so far there have been no reports of problems or wear. Inside width is 5.5mm(+0.5mm ie 0.5 mm sideplay), pin dia is 4.4mm (cf 3.5mm), link form is straight as original, production is of an endless 52 and 56 link(a 54 link chain can be made with an order of min. 25 pieces and delivery time of 4 weeks) … (If a chain joining link is available a 56 link chain would work and the chain could easily be replaced and joined in situ)

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