XS650: Hardtail Hard-on   Leave a comment

I’m not a big fan of hardtail’s. Give me suspension any day. Us old bastards have learnt the hard way. (Great. My wife has just chipped in. Apparently I’m just a ‘Bastard’… No dear. I’m a dirty lucky bastard!)

I followed a link to Motoshop Tonouchi back in mid 2010. To this…


motoshop tonouchi … heritage special 650 … xs650spl


Were I ever to build another Hardtail, it would look something like this. Saved a pic or two then forgot about it until finding it again this evening. Ever watched the rising or setting sun and heard it singing to you? This did the same.

Full of little details. Clean. Flowing. Design delight.


xlch sportster


saddle actually looks comfortable-can hear my back sighing … BUT LOOK! pinned and bolted hardtail


choice detailing … nice touch


wow factor pure … and where did he get the white kickstart and peg rubbers to go with the grips?


almost there



Posted October 2, 2011 by xscafe in Frame - Design, XS Pics

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