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Wasn’t really a lot happening back then. Still, I’ve pulled these out of the collection. Specifically XS650 and general Yamaha related.

M6-005-2 … XS650C Technical publications

M6-025-1 … interchangeability of tachos/speedometers

M6-025-2 … interchangeability of tachos/speedos

M6-028 … headlight damper and collar … general

M6-040 … cylinder head cover (tappet inspection)

M6-045-1 … XS650D parts list corrections

M6-045-2 … XS650D parts list corrections

M6-045-3 … XS650D parts list corrections

M6-052 … XS650D service data


 … will create and upload as pdf …

Posted September 2, 2011 by xscafe in Manual - Service/Parts News

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