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My wife reckons I’m entering my second childhood. Secretly I know I never left the first. Life has been one endless playtime. Maybe I’ve just been lucky. I’ve been paid to travel the world and work in many different places and countries. Until I got married (at over 40 years old) I’d never stayed in one place for more than 2 years since I was 17.

I belong to the Australian XS650 Club. When you join you are given a club t-shirt and a small sew on patch.

sew on club patch ca 85mm dia and t-shirt front logo


club t-shirt rear logo


If you’re caught on a club outing or as a club representative without one of these you have the choice, beers all round or the naked dash.

To cut a short story long, I went to the 40th birthday celebration of our beloved XS650 a couple of years ago. Of course, I wore my t-shirt and made the effort of sewing the patch onto one of my vests.

I had found one of these on ebay too. So it got sewn on as well.


engine patch ca 100mm dia


At the event I was kindly given one of these from the Wuppertal/Ruhr Stammtisch, the event organisers.


Wupper Ruhr Stammtisch patch ca 90mm wide


Since then I have gathered several others.

Nederland XS650 Club.


Netherlands XS650 Club patch ca 85mm dia


 Danish XS650 Club.


Danish XS650 Club patch ca 85mm dia


 XS Racing Club, France.


XS Racing Club, France ca 60 x 40mm


And from Lowbrow Customs these 2.



Lowbrow Customs ca 75mm long


Lowbrow Customs ca 85mm wide…I contacted them asking if they would make a matching patch from the lhs…a definite NO!


And of course this take-off.




And this oldie from way back.

rather large.. ca 200 x 120mm … apparently also available in a smaller size too


from the heady 70’s … there is also a bigger one – around 7″

I have some other XS650 related patches somewhere. No photo yet.

Also some other generic Yamaha patches etc that I have sewn onto my vest as well.


vest – front


vest – rear


This project isn’t finished yet. As you can probably see. Funny thing is, since I started sewing these things on after the XS650 40th Birthday Bash I’ve never worn it. My son does. Under my protest.

If anyone is interested the vest is from Carhartt. US brand work clothing I was using in the Yukon. Pretty warm.

If you know of any other patches let me know. Or send me one.


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