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Well. Got reminded just how mortal we all are. Again.

It’s now 01.30 here and I’ve just got in. Been at the local hospital since 18.00 yesterday. With my son. He’s 4. And just started developing a distaste for cagers. If the hydrocarbon economy survives long enough he will make a good biker. A natural.

He got run over. Twice. Before my eyes. Our mate Eddy had just given him a digger. He was sitting quietly in the hof playing with a pile of stones. Picking them up and putting them down. One of the lockup renters reversed over him then drove forwards over him again. And didn’t stop. Never saw him. Didn’t look. Claimed not to have heard his screams. Nor my yelling.

Had my mate deal with the cager while I sorted my boy. Didn’t trust myself not to do something that’d compromise my freedom.

We are lucky. He’s young. Flexible. Bones still soft enough not to break. Unbelieveably proud of him. How he fought against the desire to cry and the need to explain to the doctor what happened. Bottom lip a little wobbly, no tears.

It’s a wierd feeling. Observing, yet knowing you’re unable to alter the inevitable outcome. Reminds me of that ‘Oh no, here we go again feeling’. Just before impact.

So. What’s this got to do with XS650s?

2 things.

  • ‘Never saw him. Didn’t look’. How often have you had to deal with this as a rider? You either learn to read the road and think for others or you die. Same for kids. Traffic accidents, especially bicycles vs cages, are one of the biggest killers.
  • My emotions are XSive and I can think of at least 650 ways to deal with this.

I have a mate. Top bloke. Tongan Maori. World class cook. One of my kids is named after him. He once gave me a good bit of advice. Has saved my ass many times. Revenge is a dish best served cold.

Take care out there.


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2 responses to “XS650: Cagers

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  1. Wise words and a stark reminder to “Keep your death at your shoulder..the best ally you’ll ever have.”
    You sending your mate to deal with the cager (a real good idea to be sure!) reminded me of an old proverb: “Continuing to nurture resentment is like taking poison hoping someone else will die from it.” Sure seems to true in my life.

    • Thanxs for your words Charlie.
      The gift I have been given is the endless AV playback of the vehicle driving over my screaming son, twice, (‘gift’ in my adopted language, german, means poison) and I have a great problem dealing with this. For my own peace of mind I need to find closure. I have written this piece mainly to tangiblise my feelings about the situation not really expecting anyone to read it.

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