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This caught my eye on us ebay the other day. It looks to have that something. Not so sure about lowering the front – looks good but alters the whole handling dynamic.


1 .. ... ready

… ready


Simplified ‘rising sun’. Red and white. Bold. Tracing the folds. Shortened rear. ‘Cafe’ seat. Clip-ons. All on an XS1B S650 016258. 10K. Original drum front brake. Clean motor. Staunch.

A fork brace may help hold the front together.


2 .. sweeping dunstall pipes

sweeping dunstall pipes


Clean motor. Looks original.


3 .. half fairing

half fairing


Bonus points for tastefully incorporating a fairing. Manx or Seeley style.  Quick release fasteners. 3 in 1. Sits a little high for my taste.


4 .. full fairing

full fairing


Is it my eyes? Is the fairing just a tad too large? Would like to see properly how it’s affixed.


5 .. tuning forks

tuning forks



6 .. ... nice seat

… nice seat



8 .. ... set

… set


Someone has spent a bit of time. Laid out a vision. Here is the result. Wont be everyones cup of tea. Not perfect, but gets me going.

At posting there were 7 days to go. 8 bids already. US $2,025. Seems to be doing it for others too. US $3,250 and 15 bids…gone.

Have seen Kirby/Manx/Seeley style fairings like these at Airtech-streamling.com. Rave Motorsport was proposing a KR replica-for the TZ series. Classic-motorcycle-fiberglass.com has a small selection too. TGA have Seeley style. Ragged Edge Racing have nice 2 or 3 piece Seeley style fairings. BBPlastics. Clubman Racing Accessories.

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