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Last friday I did something stupid. It’s not that i don’t do stupid things. I do. I’m in my middle 50’s and have 2 preschool boys at home. My life revolves around stupid things. It’s fun.

This stupid was just plain dumb. Forgot I was on reserve. Then. Filled a half tank of E10 into the SR before I realised. Question. Top er up with real gas and ride? Or. Go home and drain the tank? Home wasn’t far. By the time I got home the poor girl was doing a Johnny Leathermouth. Blue-flaming like a pro. And the MIL was there. First time in 10 years she’s dared to show her face. And the last too. So the gas sat in the tank til Sunday morning. Inside tank was already showing signs of rust. WTF? The vacuum membrane in the petcock was shot. And the inlet manifold gasket was blown through.


the melted petcock membrane led to petrol entering directly into the manifold..the popping blew this gasket causing major blue flaming


And no gasket paper.

My local friendly auto-supplier was empty. Unfilled shelves empty. No lights on empty.

Now, we have the usual chain store bike-supermarkets. Biker City – have lost the plot here, no real marketing sense, unfriendly service, limited range. Allowed Polo to build a big new outlet direct next door AND erect signage that directly blocks their own. If I was your bank manager I would have closed down your lines of credit. BUT Polo is even worse and their people cover their ignorance by being rude to you. At least Biker City people know what they’re talking about.

I wanted a sheet of gasket paper. B.C had none, no surprize there. Polo wanted to sell me a gasket paper kit. Several sheets @ about 200 x 300 mm. All smaller than my largest sidecase. For €20. Didn’t look impressed when I told him where he could put it.

Had to pick the missus up from work so drove across town to Louis. These blokes are actually pretty user-friendly. With a crappy location. In the middle of a busy part of town. No parking. Bingo. €7.95 for a 500 x 500 mm sheet of paper. And they gave my son a colouring-in book complete with coloured pencils.



Nearly forgot the petcock membrane. Kedo advertise a Petcock Repair Kit. €19.90. Then state ‘Membrane not included in the set’. WTF ?

Oh. I see. Later on the same page. Petcock, complete. Including membrane. €117.99.

My home made one works fine. Cost? Just a little time. And when that craps out? I’ll make a conversion plate. Use a non-vacuum petcock from the XS. At €118 – NFS.



Polo – big stink finger from me.

Louis – big thumbs up from my boy.


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