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Back in the 80’s VAM was one of the leading french sidecross tuners. Produced some cool trick gear. Original 750, 880, 1000cc big bore kits. RHS engine case complete with fittings for remote oil filter. Possibility for rh pull clutch. Access for clutch without removing whole cover. LH generator case. Tappet covers……

heidens 750cc big bore kit is a replica of this


clutch side case, with option for pull clutch and remote oil cooler…VAM big bore..tappet covers..


generator side case…from the dutch XS club


motor, VAM fitted…mounted in sidecrosser…with rh shift, pull clutch and remote cooler


rhs case … clutch, oil pump mount


clutch cover … 82/84 catalogue


Fred, from France has obtained the original castings I believe. Intends a production run. Needs a minimum of 10 pieces. When? No idea.

I would be interested in playing with a RH clutch case. If you want more info I have a phone number and an email address. Fred speaks French. Have no idea if he speaks English or German.

email: …  Fred.1504@live.fr


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