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My mate Dave retired last year. An occupational hazard. His own choice even. An event facing many of us boomers. A life on the road. Kids grown up. Contacts globally. Lovers too.

Life in the slow lane. Good job you’re not married Dave. Rolling on the floor laughing


dave bought a guitar…ok, he bought several…here is his blade durango


So he went out. Bought himself a guitar. A ‘Tune-a-Day’ book. Already had the time, eh. To cut a short story long. Mates being mates. He got a call. Come to Auckland. ‘We have an overdub for you. You pay the flights.’

‘We give you beer money.’ For a sixpack, Joe.

Want to make money from music Dave? Hope you got a good pension plan, mate. And can collect. While it lasts. And can live on beer. Actually he’s not too bad. Good enough to take out Robin Trower?

Needs some peanuts to go with the beer though.

What to do?


‘eye to eye’ … trade for peanuts and pistaccios to go with the beer


Mr Tickle helping Dave put himself out of his misery?

And with a little help from Little Miss Giggles…

But what if you  get a gig Dave?

Anyone living in Central England who has an XS650 spare. A project? For Dave’s retirement plan. Are guitar cases waterproof Dave? Will a tube of sillycone work?

What about a sidecar mate?

Live the dream.

The Rock n Roll Honour’s List is long.

Real XS never dies. It just kills you. Note


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