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Was rooting around in the shed last night. Looking for my carpet cutting straight edge. 5000 x 180 mm creased sst sheet rolled up like a tape measure. Think I could find it? Saw it last, 18 months ago. Could vizualise but not locate it.

My grandfather used to rabbit on about order, ‘Cleanliness is next to godliness’. Always found this kind of strange coming from a devout church-hater. The local anti-christ. Norton borne. Cabinetmaker and boatbuilder by passion. Property Developer and Insurance Agent by necessity.

He had a point. Wood finishing and engine oil dont make pretty bed partners. Dust and bearings aren’t any better. His workshop was small. British bikes leak. When they dont you better be worried.

And he did keep a spotless workshop. When he knew visitors were coming. He could always find things. Had a fine memory. Something I find less and less.

I remember that generation fondly. The last of the great thinkers. Dinosaurs in todays age of  manipulation. Educated in the art of critical thinking. Before the marketers took the manipulative lessons wielded by church and class and applied them to corporation. Before man sold his soul to radio, television, mass flight, digital media…. Didn’t protect them from nationalism though. Won’t protect us either. Naya…

Unlike my grandfather my order is rooted in chaos. My personal views on entropy are not classical. Disorder is my realm. Shelves, boxes and back corners. Treasure chests. I loose things. Generally find them again. In the process though I get reacquainted with all sorts of stuff I’d forgotten about.

Like these.



1 .. shadow wall

shadow wall



2 .. for these

for these



3 .. shadow wall

shadow wall



4 .. for these

for these


Barely remember where they came from. Have no idea what I’m going to do with them. Apart from stack back in the corner. Maybe I will hunt around for the tools. That would be a challenge.

I found the straight edge too.


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