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My mate Happy dropped by before xmas. He’s cool. Rough around the edges. What you see is what you get. My type of person. He had a problem. Definitely wasn’t happy.

5th gear. Need I say more.

I haven’t been in an XS gearbox for a while. Happy, never. The blinded leading the blind.

Actually it’s really no big deal. The hardest parts are removing the engine and splitting the cases. A rotatable engine stand helps.



1 .. maybe something like this from micha

maybe something like this from micha



You need to turn the motor over. Remove the lower case. There are a few hidden bolts and a given pattern for loosening and tightening the case bolts.



2 .. lower case fixing ... sequence ... from hajo pahl

lower case fixing … sequence … from hajo pahl



This great diagram comes from Hajo Pahls book Der XS650 Motor. Unfortunately not in english. Maybe if people contact him and show interest he will rethink.

Now Happy actually had 2 problems. He knew 5th was kaputt. Had gone to ebay and found a new gear. NOS. Didn’t fit properly. Why? It was the wrong 5th gear.Things changed around 77 or so. The splines were changed on both gears and shafts. Apparently so was the hardening-later shift forks seem to wear a little faster-from harder gears? This was of course all documented by Yamaha



3 .. '77 tech bull # M7-023

’77 tech bull # M7-023



4 .. page 2

page 2



Luckily we found a used gear in a box. So far it’s holding out. Just a matter of time.

Use that old Triple Bond when mating surfaces. If you can find it. It runs. Not too much. The new silicone based formula just doesn’t do it for me.

Torque by memory is around 21 Nm or 15.0 ft lbs. 8mm.


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