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Consumer Warning: This is going to be a short personal burble. If you’re not interested click further.

Several people have asked me lately why I’m doing this. Good question. I have no real answer.

I guess it started with me contributing on forums. A great learning curve. For me. In my way.

I’ve had a very successful career in the exploration sciences. Involving systems analysis where the origination and degradation phases become super important. Means reading and researching. Multidisciplinary. Then channeling that understanding through cat-time to various pasts and futures. Allows you an insight into what to look for in real time. Not everyone is as successful.

I like questions. They’re starting points. The ultimate answer is often only indirectly related. Not everyone does. They don’t really have the answer.

This is what I like, and dislike, about forums. If you have a question you can sometimes generate enough intelligent discourse to get a clearer direction. If it becomes too big, without personal contact, mostly it’s simply lazy people not interested in learning for themselves. Looking for the quick fix. Not really learning. Same things. All the time. Or you have a language problem.

Brings me back here. Why? For me. I never really expected anyone to read this. Surprises me that you do. It started because I had charging, oil and clutch problems. So I went looking for answers. Kalles’ external filter, the PMA, and Peters’ 8 plate modification write up made sense to me as did the billet basket and vescanite blocks. So I went there. With results. Not to mention the rephase.

My 650 had a totally new lease on life. Still, there had to be more. Inexpensively. I had done a lot of porting experimentation on my XT500 heads. With some successes and some failures. And when I get hold of 650 heads I do the same. Playtime.

I read several languages. English German Dutch French. Some are easier than others. I write english quite well. German very badly. There are lots of things happening out there in the XS world. But little communication between them. In my curve I’ve touched all these worlds.

This. Is really for me. A way of organising my information in a way I can find it. In a way that makes sense. To me. There is no particular order. No real beginning. No end. If you can make sense from it I’m happy for you. If you can’t you can always formulate a question.

As I say, it really does surprise me you’re reading this. It’s kind of flattering really. I have not advertised the site. Not made a big noise. You’ve found your own way here. If you come back it’s your choice. If you have a problem with it all you should contact me. I can’t promise you satisfaction but I will listen and take you seriously. What I write is pretty much only my opinion.

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