XS650: Pod Air Filters   3 comments

I lightened down my bike considerably. All the electrics went. Run batteryless. Removed the air-boxes. Left the whole section under the seat empty.

Looks cool. No good for the motor.

Had a pair of el-cheapo pods lying around. More or less the right diameter, according to the label. After fitting I decided I could do better:


now how are you supposed to get a good seal there…also see the cracking along the edges-this was new out of the bag


big inner lip…everything restricted…diaphragm vacuum port at the top: pilot air jet-lower left: main and mid range air jet-lower right: bowl vents in the middle


these filters had never been used


was then given, under protest, a set of these


larger surface area


no restricting step


may not hold up esp. with no support…wonder how long it will last…is the rubber ethanol proof?


  • very thin
  • where-ever you look the filter wants to break out of the rubber
  • see the large hole in the flange lip? WTF?
  • strong enough to hang unsupported?
  • ethanol proof?

Not an optimal solution. But heaps better. Will have a look around for a K n N to compare.

When I think about it I guess I should add here that pods generally increase engine breathing capacity. The immediate effect is to lean the carb mix. More air, less gas. Pistons and valves don’t like this. Get a little intimate with your carbs. Odds are you may have to massage your jetting.

Reading will tell you. Chop those plugs.


3 responses to “XS650: Pod Air Filters

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  1. Guess you can”t go cheap on pods.

  2. The K&N style filters have been known to cause turbulant and inconsistent airflow, which can be a huge problem on the stock cv carbs, causing slide fluttering. Try the Australian Unipods. Supposedly, they are a better option.

  3. Seems to me the bigger problem with increasing airflow and the resultant inconsistencies is the lack of vaccuum creating when removing the airboxes (the K&N filter fitted into the original airbox on my SR500 sidecar functions well) … we used to fit shrouds around exposed filters on our motocross bikes to combat flow problems and slide fluttering
    Since writing this post I have thrown the Mikesxs filters (total Junk imho) and fitted Unipods – required a little jet massage, but also gave some problems with flow … must say I like the layout of the aussie Uniflow site – more informative than the US Uni Filter site

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