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Time. Strange thing, Time.

For many it marches.

Tic. Toc. Tic. Toc. Tic…….

Clockwatchers. You all know one. Tic. Tic.

They always complain about time speeding up. Time flies.

I reckon time flies for them because they’ve done nothing worth remembering. There’s no record of that time memorable enough to remember. Their record of memorable events is short. Collected, Flicked through, Animated. All over in a blink. A flash in the pan.

Life in the fast lane.

dum dee doo

Go out there. Wind in your face. Do it. Live the moments. Collect the memories.

2 things happen.

  • Time doesn’t concern you
  • Your collection becomes so big your perceived time slows.

Cats know this. You watch.

They always land on their feet. The only cat I’ve seen miss was out to lunch beforehand.

9 lives? I reckon not. They feel time differently. Closer to it they are.

It flows. Depending on your perception.  You all know this. Intuitively. You’ve even felt it. Moments of danger. Intense embarrassment. Connecting with that special person.

You can do this. Any time you want.

You are energy. So is time. Different flavours. Same Eis.

Same. Same. But different.

You’re connected. Like cats. Just not so close.

We learn to get closer in Kung-fu. Similarly Tai Ch’i and Yoga etc. Your connectedness feels disturbances at a finer level. Sub-consciously. And the responses are amplified.

Most people near the top in their field probably experience this too. Many unaware.

Motorcyclists rely on this. Daily.

Throttle response. Shifting. Body too. Balance. Split seconds.

Cat-time seconds.

The faster. The tighter. The riskier the riding. The closer to time you get.

Cat time.

650’s rule.


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