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I like design.

I went to the Senkenburg Museum the other day. On the back wall, in 3 different colours, in overlapping planes with separate layering, were laid out the main whale family developments. The axis are Time and Development over Time. If you stand back the concurrent and consecutive development stands out. You can clearly see the pattern of successful and unsuccessful modification. Convergent and divergent.

Survival of the fittest. In a couple of instances lines have diverged successfully then reconverged tens of millions of years later. Made me wonder what stress factors they were experiencing to do that.

I like flow too.

Fluid dynamics are fascinating. To me anyway. Most of the beautiful things flow. Important in design. It minimises stress. Natures antidote to chaos. Suck that Newton.



flow 1

dynamic fluid dynamics


The whole world flows.

All the great moutain ranges were once sediment particles settling through a water column.

And they will be again.

In time.


flow 2

dolomites..nth italy..prime motorcycling country


Ralph Lauren got it right “Form follows function”.

Cross that with K.I.S.S. I reckon this is what we’d get


flow 3

Frederic Fleury…XTY700


Frederic Fleury from France put it all together. Design. Flow. Function. Form.


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